LIPPY: Social Documentary

4th World – Video Magazine Issue 1 (Series)

4th World Video Magazine Issue 2 (Series)

A Man Is… – Andy’s Dreams

Alison & Vicky’s Story

Angela – In One City

Azy – In One City

Back On Track

Ben & Sam’s Story

Corey’s Story

Crying Shame

Danni’s Story

David – Gardeners

David – In One City Leeds

Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover

Exploring Difference – In One City


Forsters Bistro

Graham & Muz’s Story

I Wanted To Do So Much – Dionne’s Dreams

I Wanted To Have Success

In One City – Pixie

In One City – A Workshop For Peace

Inclusion Through Media

Inequality & Wellbeing – In One City Leeds

Jasmin’s Story

Jess & Sam’s Story

Jills Story

Jo – In One City Leeds

John – In One City Leeds


Love On The Streets

Make Something Of Your Life!

Mansoor – In One City Leeds

Maryam – In One City Leeds

Matt – In One City

Meeting Different People

Mrs Heroin

My Changing Community

No Where To Go

Open Spaces

Our Elders

Over To The East

Patrica – In One City Leeds

Pippa – In One City Leeds

Pixie’s Story

Pixie’s Housing Option

Proud To be Polish

Reuben & Qasim – In One City Leeds

Ripples Out Video Magazine

Robert & Steven’s Story


Safety On The Streets

Shadow Of An Industry

Shared Voices

Social Mobility

Sunshine & Bulldozers

Swings & Roundabouts

Taking The Wrong Path – Ben’s Dreams

Tissue Paper

Try Again; Yet Again

Views From The Penthouse

Views From The Studio

Views From The Top

Waiting For The Bulldozers

What’s Your Identity?

When Abbie Met Charlie

When I Was A Kid

When I Was Young…