Alison & Vicky’s Story

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Alison & Vicky explain how working in an advocacy social enterprise has enabled them to make the most of their experience and potential. This film was made for screening at the 2010 ‘Harnessing The Power Of Business To Change Lives’ international conference.

This film was produced as part of a 5 film series to illustrate the impact that social enterprise has on the lives of people who work within them. The series focussed on the personal stories of people with histories of addiction, health problems, disabilities and impairments, who have previously found barriers to employment.

The films were produced for initial screening at the international social enterprise conference ‘Harnessing The Power Of Business To Change Lives’ in 2010. The conference was co-hosted between Social Firms UK and Social Firms Europe and supported by the 2010 European Year For Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion.

The films were also circulated across sectors via DVD and online, to promote the work of the social enterprise sector.

Alison & Vicky’s Story was produced in partnership between Speak Up Self Advocacy, Social Firms UK and Lippy People CIC.

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