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Despite the negative portrayal of young people in the media, parents, careers and the wider communities say that improving activities for young people is a priority above all other services. But what is available to young people in the Monk Bretton area of Barnsley? How might they inform and shape services that could positively impact on their lives?

This video magazine contains short films through which young people reveal their lives and experiences; the things that work for them and the things they would like to change.

The aim of this project was to enable young people in the Monk Bretton area of Barnsley, to share with service providers, decision makers and their communities, their lives and experiences.

The film was produced within a social inclusion framework, supporting young people to become more active citizens and engage within the decision-making processes that affect them.

The project was young people led, which meant that a production team of young people was formed to steer the project and produce the finished film. The young people involved were supported by the Lundwood & Monk Bretton Community Partnership – Youth Inclusion Project and Lippy People.

Further partners in the project were the Coalfields Regeneration Trust, Fair Share and the South Yorkshire Community Foundation.

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