What Would It Take… – It’s My Body; I’ve Had A Baby (Part 5/12)

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Recent figures show that Dewsbury, in West Yorkshire has some of the worst national statistics relating to health in the UK. But, what would it take for everyone to live well in Dewsbury? A film exploring health and wellbeing. Part 12 is the films credits section.

What Would It Take… was a wide-scale consultation into health inequalities in Dewsbury. The film focussed on the experiences of those most affected by poor health and those people in the town who are rarely heard within health professional settings.

The aim of the film was to provide a platform for people to become directly engaged within the decision making processes around local health service provision, provide a record of experience and promote bottom up ideas. A further aim was to support people to become involved in local activism around health and wellbeing.

The film was commissioned by Kirkless LINk, a Local Involvement Network that gives citizens the opportunity to influence local health and care services. Set up by Parliament, it was given statutory powers to make sure that local people get the health and social care services they need.

The project worked with a wide range of local partners, over 50 local citizens from diverse backgrounds, cultures and ages. It was produced within a partnership between Kirklees Link, Cloverleaf Advocacy, the Local Involvement Network and Lippy People.

What would it take… is part of a 12 part series watch the full series here.

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