About Us

Lippy People is a video storytelling charity that seeks to affect positive personal and social change by supporting people to share experiences, develop their creative skills and test out and share creative solutions to the challenges they face.

The organisation was founded by Dave Tomalin in 2003 based on the understanding that storytelling coaching has a positive impact on both the storyteller and the people who listen to them.

For 1000’s of years humans have developed their societies by telling each other stories about their endeavors and experiences, successes and failures, dreams and ambitions, their interactions with others and the learning they have gained. The telling and listening to each other’s stories enables the storyteller to connect with and reflect upon their experiences. They enable the listener to challenge, enquire and empathise. Stories enable us to consider our experience and belief positions. They enable us all to learn from the experiences of others.

Since we began, we have delivered over 300 projects – some local, some regional and some national; within over 150 partnerships that have supported the creative development of over 1000 people experiencing social exclusion in some form or another. Please see our Project Log.

What other people say.

Working with Lippy People was like a breath of fresh air; such positivity, ‘can do’ attitude and caring for others. I thoroughly enjoyed all of our projects and are so proud of the work we have done together.

Wendy Daniel, Youth Offending Team Manager.

I have worked with Dave Tomalin on several occasions with both adults and young people and I have every confidence in his ethics about responsible filmmaking. He ensures views are not distorted and respects all individual perspectives.

Linda Crayton, Community Development Manager

Making my film has been an amazing experience. It was completely non-judgemental and I didn’t feel obliged to say anything I didn’t want to say. The finished film is absolutely beautiful.

Syeda Imrana Ali – Storyteller, Video Profiles project.

I really value Dave’s work.  The people who are the subjects of the films are treated with dignity and respect and empowered to make the decisions about how their story is told.  They come away from the process as someone who has made a film, not simply appeared in one.  There is a high quality of engagement through the work and people know they can trust Dave.

Clive Sandle, Director of Simon On The Streets.

I can now use film not only to express myself but to help others tell their story too.

Pixie Pickering, Storyteller, 4thWorld project.