Video Storytelling

Video storytelling coaching is a unique approach that supports an individual to understand that their life experience is a story and helps them to share this expertise with those around them. This encourages personal and social development which is used to nurture relationships across varied generational and cultural barriers. Our video stories are therefore all about the storyteller and what they are seeking to communicate.

We understand that a well-told story can have a profound impact on the teller, as well as the audience. We are proud to have helped 1000′s of people and social purpose organisations to share their lives, experiences and ideas with local, regional, national and international audiences. This has led us to exploring themes as diverse as social impact & enterprise, bereavement, economic well-being, health, education, regeneration, citizen voice, social and criminal justice, culture, community, diversity, young people… in fact, it’s almost easier to say what we haven’t made films about! Many of our video stories are used within learning settings to support deeper understanding and within broader leadership and change making environments.

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