The 'Life, Loss, Learning, Legacy' project (4Ls) is a Leeds-based coaching and video-storytelling project that supports individuals whose lives have been affected by loss and bereavement to produce and share video stories that celebrate formative lived experiences; share how they have coped with the loss of loved ones; and support their peers to better understand the learning and legacies taken from their experience.

Since 2019, the 4Ls Project's core focus is the delivery of projects supporting groups of bereaved older men -creating space for bereaved older men to connect with other peers with similar lived experience. 

‘I find I tend to talk to women more about difficult things, like my wife’s death - so I’m actually really glad to be joining a group next week, where I can meet and talk to other men’.

With the support of our funders, in 2020 and throughout the covid-19 pandemic, the 'Life, Loss, Learning and Legacy' project has also been supporting small groups of mixed storytellers; including men, women, young adults and intergenerational groups.

It's with thanks to the support of our fantastic funders, that the Lippy People team continue to deliver the 'Life, Loss, Learning and Legacy' project , continuing to meet the demand where it is most needed.