The 'Life, Loss, Learning, Legacy' project (4Ls) is a Leeds-based coaching and video-storytelling project that supports individuals whose lives have been affected by loss and bereavement.

Since 2019, the 4Ls Project has been supporting groups of bereaved older men -creating space for bereaved older men to connect with other peers with similar lived experience. 

‘I find I tend to talk to women more about difficult things, like my wife’s death - so I’m actually really glad to be joining a group next week, where I can meet and talk to other men’.

Men work collaboratively within groups of peers (face-to-face or online) to share their stories that illuminate their experience and co-produce video stories to share with others. The 4L’s video story making processes are designed to be empowering, collaborative, co-produced, and build digital literacy and confidence.

'I never thought my story would help anybody, I never knew I could say these things.’ 

The 4L’s Project also includes 1-2-1 and peer coaching, screening and discussion events, volunteering and supports those involved to:

  • reflect on and celebrate their formative life experiences and loss; 
  • explore the learning and legacies they have taken from their experiences;
  • share lived experiences in order to support others;
  • produce video stories that can be shared with future generations.

‘I  find myself talking more - and I reflect when I hear myself talking. It's like I'm looking at myself in a new different way.'

It's with thanks to the support of our fantastic funders, that the Lippy People team continue to deliver the 'Life, Loss, Learning and Legacy' project , continuing to meet, support and learn from the Storytellers everyday