Life, Loss, Learning, Legacy - Womens stories

An overview from our latest 4Ls Screening Event in May 2021, women sharing their stories of loss with their community, family and professionals Read more

Life, Loss, Learning, Legacy - Older mens stories

Celebrating formative lived experiences. Coping with the loss of loved ones. Read more

4Ls Projects in South Leeds 2021-22

Video-storytelling projects for older men living in South Leeds Read more

4Ls Videostories support suicide prevention initiative

4Ls Videos used to help raise awareness around suicide prevention across West Yorkshire Read more

Our Story of learning during the lockdown

Read an article by the Lippy People team on what we learnt through delivery during covid-19 and the national lockdown period. Read more

Carers and Bereavement

‘Video Stories help with validating carers stories, their emotions and their thoughts’ by Sue Sutton, Bereaved Carer Support and Development Worker at Carers Leeds. Read more

Longleigh Foundation Social Impacts

Impacts of The Longleigh Foundation partnerships Read more