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Previous storytellers from the learning disabled community in Leeds participated in an advocacy and training session at Lippy People last week, developing a variety of skills aimed at supporting them to engage in more effective advocacy.

The group of storytellers who had previously completed the Life, Loss, Learning, Legacy (4Ls) project were reunited to take part in a day aimed at working on listening and video storytelling skills, as well as developing their capacity to gather learning from other storytellers in future projects.

As part of the 4Ls, Lippy People are keen to ensure that participants are involved in gathering the learning that is compiled and shared in learning reports.

The session was delivered as a result of funding support received from the Advonet Development Fund, aimed at empowering people to share their stories and have their voices heard.

After taking time to catch up with old friends and update the group on some of their activities and achievements, the group engaged in a number of activities, wholeheartedly embracing the opportunity to learn more about how to gather learning and impacts from other storytellers.


The aim for this training session, and the subsequent event to be held within the next month, is to ensure sustained engagement with storytellers, to support them to be able to share their own and each others’ stories and to build the foundations for increased volunteer involvement in future projects.

A key aspect of this involvement is gathering learning from these storytellers and to open conversations about other areas in which advocacy and video storytelling may be helpful, and this session prompted lively suggestions about the importance of highlighting the rights of people with learning disabilities and their lived experience.

The day also included a refresher on online safety and the importance of remaining vigilant when posting content or contacting others online.


The response to the training session was overwhelmingly positive, with every participant reporting that they felt they had developed skills, felt more confident sharing their story, would recommend the event to others and would like to be involved in similar training in the future.

Some of the feedback included:

I liked how we met our friends again. I would like to do more courses as it gets me out.

I would like a job helping people

I have really enjoyed it

Participants will get back together in the coming weeks to further develop these skills, to share any other thoughts about video storytelling and to work together to create resources for others who are taking part in future 4Ls.

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