Our Impact

As a snapshot, an average 6 months in the ‘Life, Loss, Learning and Legacy’ Project (April – September 2019):

  • Over 300 hours of support for older men in 1-2-1 coaching and peer-support.
  • 170 beneficiaries benefitted from the project, from storytellers and listeners to audience members.
  • Over 100 wholesome, hearty lunches enjoyed by older participants.
  • 4 Volunteers supporting delivery and organisation of the projects. 



Through this project I've made the best of friends, the best of pals. Barry.

Challenging perceptions and changing views

‘Life, Loss, Learning and Legacy’ projects provide space and opportunity for men to openly explore and discuss themes less-discussed and that are often difficult to approach; from loneliness and depression, to exploring relationships to alcohol, sexuality, grief, loss and bereavement and family relationships.


Legacy and long term impacts

‘Life, Loss, Learning and Legacy’ plays a key part in contributing to the longer-term health and wellbeing benefits of those that we support. Through the project, older men are signposted to local support services, encouraging men to remain inspired to thrive beyond their project and stay connected to their local community by tapping into their local support networks.

Attending a weekly walking group, volunteering each week at a local community café and attending to a regular bereavement support group, are just some of the outcomes and activities that 4Ls storytellers have gone on-to, following their 4Ls project.