Our belief in the power of storytelling to affect positive personal and social change sits at the heart of Lippy People. We understand that a well-told authentic story can have a profound impact on the teller, as well as the audience.

Video storytelling coaching is a unique approach that supports an individual to understand that their life experience is a story and helps them to share this expertise with those around them. This encourages personal and social development which is used to nurture relationships across varied generational and cultural barriers.

Stories are a currency greater than money – the whole development of our civilisation has been rooted on story telling. For 1000’s of years humans have developed their societies by sitting around the fire telling each other stories about their endeavours and experiences, successes and failures, dreams and ambitions, their interactions with others and the learning they have gained. Telling and listening to each other’s stories enables the storyteller to connect with and reflect upon their experiences. They enable the listener to challenge, enquire and empathise. Stories enable us all to consider our experience or belief position, and enable us all to learn from the experiences of others.

Making and sharing videos is the new fire and we strive to be the ‘fire Lighter’.