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An unsettling series of short music video documentaries made with young offenders around the personal impacts of becoming involved in gang, gun and knife crime.

Colours aims to capture the real experiences of young offenders who have been involved with guns, knives and gangs; and the impact that their offending has had on them and others.

Traditionally in the criminal justice system, the voice of the offender is seldom heard within the development of diversionary strategies and the aim of this project is to involve the offender within the training of practitioners and the design of services.

By capturing a narrative through creative writing workshops and a documentary music video, a training programme has been developed to support practitioners gain a better insight into the minds of young people and this in turn will inform how they engage and interact with them.

The project was delivered within a multi agency partnership including HMYOI Wetherby, Kirklees Youth Offending Team, The Home Office.

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