Friday Night In Five Towns

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We all hear the news headlines, read newspaper articles and listen to adults about the things that young people get up to. But, what do young people really do on Friday nights in the five towns area of Wakefield?

This video magazine contains short documentaries, dramas, information films and much more, from the mouths and experiences of young people.

The aim of this project was to enable young people in the Five Towns areas of Wakefield to share with service providers, decision makers and their communities, how they spend their Fridays and Saturday Nights.

The project arose out of concern that some young people might be spending their weekends engaged in anti-social activity and support services were keen to understand their needs in order to provide them with something to engage with. Further, there seemed to be a general view amongst adults in their communities, that young people were always up to no good – in fact, there are lots of positive things young people do with their time and this film was also a means of capturing this.

The project was young people led, which meant that a production team of young people was formed to steer the project and produce the finished film. This group were supported by youth workers from the Wakefield Youth Development and Support Service .

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