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A Wharf House Story. All Jason wants is a job but trying to find one while living in a hostel is not easy. He feels he is being wrongly judged by potential employers because he’s living in a hostel, and this is the reason why he’s unable to get an interview and change his situation.

4thWorld is a project that produces films in collaboration with people find themselves without a secure place to live. The aim is to support people to share their stories in order to affect change in their lives.

There are constant spotlights focused on these communities and it’s rarely the case they are able represent themselves and their experiences. It is generally agreed amongst change makers that in order to lead change, they need to understand often-complex problems from the perspective of those affected by them; their decisions need to be informed by the people who require the change if the change is to be sustainable.

4thWorld@Doncaster was a video magazine project supporting people living in temporary accommodation to reflect on their experiences, their skills, their barriers and goals, in order to increase motivation towards employment. They worked with a filmmaker on all aspects of producing their film, which they shared with decision makers and change makers in their local area.

Enjoyed this watch rest of the 4th World Video Magazine Issue 2 here.

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