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Citizens from Holbeck in Leeds look round the ‘city living’ apartments that overshadow their community and compare how their own houses are different.

The northern part if Holbeck in Leeds was declared an urban village in 1999. Its regeneration vision included a commitment to improve connectivity between Leeds City Centre and the surrounding communities of Beeston Hill and Holbeck. In doing so, the intention has been to create new opportunities for employment, living and leisure. Ten years on, what has the impact been so far?

This film was commissioned by the regional development agency Yorkshire Forward, a primary investor in the project, to enable them to understand the story of the impact of the Holbeck Urban Village on the local communities and also how these surrounding communities have impacted the Holbeck Urban Village development. It was important to the commissioners that the film consulted a variety of stakeholders from developers, local authorities, residents and development agencies.

The film was produced with a collaborative framework with all contributors invited to shape the final product. This framework was designed to provide the film with integrity and bring local communities, developers, local agencies and decision-makers together to share experience and develop understanding around both shared and different priorities.

This film was produced in a partnership between Leeds based Together For Peace and Lippy.

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