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Advocacy, video storytelling
and coaching to achieve positive personal and social change

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Lippy People is an advocacy charity that uses video storytelling to support people to share their often challenging lived experiences. We collaborate with people to identify how they use these experiences as the foundation for building their skills and resilience to effect

positive personal and social change.

  Since 2009...








Find out what we are about at Lippy People and how we have been using video storytelling and self-led advocacy as a tool to bring about positive changes in peoples' lives.

IDOP Celebration Day Belle Isle Senior Action 29.09.21.jpeg

See the outcomes of our work on the Life, Loss, Learning, Legacy project, hear from storytellers and partners and learn about the stories' wider impacts and advocacy.

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Check out our flagship Life, Loss, Learning, Legacy programme and our advocacy and social impact filmmaking, sharing the work of other organisations and projects. 

Everyone has got something on their plate and you can learn from all of them

The way Lippy People works enables people to be heard, really seen and participate, to have a place where they can belong, feel uniquely valued and to contribute and to support one another in community.

A real joy to be part of

I was able to reflect on my past with my wife, and my present, my own life, which I thought was great.

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