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From April 2021, the 'Life, Loss, Learning and Legacy' Project is excited to be delivering 5 x Projects in South Leeds. Thanks to the support of Trusthouse.

Through delivering these 4Ls South Leeds Projects, is an opportunity to

  • strengthen the community and bring together people living in South Leeds who have been bereaved or are coping with loss,

  • create a network of bereaved older men living in South Leeds, who can be a system of support for one another, and for others who are bereaved in their community.

  • Watching 4Ls videostories can often be a cathartic process; a point of connection, relation, reassurance and learning for others who might be in a similar situation.

  • Learning from 4Ls videostories can also help our partners and organisations in South Leeds to better understand the bereaved communities they support in their own services too.

Hamara Centre and Belle Isle Senior Action are just two of the fantastic delivery partners we are planning to work with to deliver 2 x Projects in 2021. Why not join us?

4Ls projects are now open for referrals and we are looking to work with Partner organisations in South Leeds who work with and support older men (age 60+), and who would like to Partner with the 4Ls Project to bring this project to the men they support.

What can I do now?

Please visit our Get Involved > Make a Referral page to make a referral.

Call Lorna on 07877504668 if you would like to discuss the project

Read more information on 4Ls South Leeds here: southleedsmens4lsvideo-storytellingproject(2)(1).pdf

(Banner Image by Mark Stevenson - John Charles Approach, Leeds, CC BY 2.0,

Published: 14th April, 2021

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